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We want to inspire people by designing, producing and marketing outstanding products by using old tyres as a resource.

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Bernhard Kudernatsch
Bernhard Kudernatsch
+43 680 / 313 86 99
Monika Corser
Monica Corser
+61 439 / 769 670
Gerald Hruza
Gerald Hruza
Distribution Germany, Austria, Switzerland
+43 676 / 544 0235
Justine Page
Justine Page
Distribution New Zealand
+64 21 / 118 1484

retyred ORIGINAL. It is not Recycling. Also not Upcycling. Retyred ORIGINAL is something new made of something with experience. Something great made of used materials. We at retyred ORIGINAL see the great potential in things others don´t need any more. So somehow retyred ORIGINAL is a bit like reincarnation. Reincarnation to an even better life than before. retyred ORIGINAL.

Do you know any well known tyre designer?

Now you do.

You see some winter tyres.

In retirement.